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That´s ALU-GS GmbH

ALU-GS GmbH markets commodity primary and secondary aluminium  foundry alloys to aluminium foundries all over Europe and furthermore new groundbreaking aluminium foundry alloys like the high pressure die casting alloys AlMg5Si2Mn or AlSi9MgMnSr.

Quality is the Basis for Commercial Partnership

Using always the same alloys in process contributes to a good casting result.
Therefore, ALU-GS GmbH co-operates with regular suppliers owning a quality-system approval.

Service is a Matter of Course

Who supplies all aluminium foundry alloys out of one hand:  ALU-GS GmbH.
Who supplies small delivery quantities to the foundries on ddu-base:  ALU-GS GmbH.
You are facing a bottleneck in supply, please, contact us. Your trouble is our challenge.

ALU-GS GmbH considers “supply all alloys out of one hand”, “delivery of small quantities”, “adherence to delivery dates” and “speed-supply” as important service elements.
If a customer needs technical support, project management, an analysis of the company... all told: if a customer needs advice or consultation of an expert, please, ask us. We know independent, technical experts, who are able to help and to support.

Best Performance creates long-term Customer Loyalty.

Acting as a sales representative for MHG Schoof & Haslacher mbH & Co. KG, Munich, ALU-GS GmbH markets commodity primary and secondary aluminium foundry alloys and is responsible for the market communication, contacts and especially for the negotiation of contracts. METALLHANDELSGESELLSCHAFT SCHOOF & HASLACHER MBH & CO. KG confirms the orders, fulfills the deliveries and handles the invoicing.